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Authentic Christianity: A Radical Look at Christianity Today Based on Christ's Letters to Seven Churches in Asia Minor Toward the Close of the First Century
Gordon Haresign

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Authentic Christianity is an insightful and timely wake-up call to every Christian today. If you want to rediscover what the church is all about, this is a good place to start -Whitney T. Kuniholm, president, Scripture Union USA Authentic Christianity is more than a scholarly exposition of the first three chapters of the book of Revelation. The book takes you on a tour from the small island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea to the sites of seven ancient cities in what was known as Asia Minor. The messages Christ conveyed to the churches in those cities are as stunning today as they were then. The author relates those messages into direct confrontation and challenge as he builds a convincing case for the display of authentic Christianity. Authentic Christianity captures attention from the outset as it not only examines Christ's critique of those churches at the end of the first century; it exposes today's churches. In light of the church's declining influence in the world, the author makes an exceptionally strong appeal for those who call themselves Christians to be authentic. Authentic Christianity exalts Christ's role in the church and reflects the high standard expected of Christians today. In an age when the church is increasingly scorned, the author sounds a clarion call for repentance and revival. This is a compelling read. The book, containing personal and practical illustrations, is a dynamic challenge to bring one's life into conformity with Christ's expectations. The reader cannot possibly remain indifferent after reading the book and seriously considering its timely message. The book is an appeal for action, change, revival and authenticity.

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Stories from the Front Lines: The Battle Against Abortion
by Judy Madsen Johnson

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Why have we never heard these stories? And why, on the same day, were the press seats empty at the trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who killed one woman and three born-alive babies? A brave source confessed that reporting on this case would damage the pro-choice cause—proof of a deliberate conspiracy against the public’s right to know. 2013 ended a year of 87 abortion clinic closings. Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murder and is serving a life sentence. Other abortionists working in filthy, squalid conditions were exposed. Many tragic botched abortions injured, maimed, or killed women.* Some judges let the perpetrators go free but on rare occasions, abortionists lost licenses or were prosecuted. John Q. Public is uninformed. (*Documented by Operation Rescue.) Stories From the Front Lines tells true stories of abortion as seen through the eyes of Christians who labor in the field of blood to save preborn babies. They fight against this terrible scourge day after day. Volunteers man clean, attractive pregnancy centers. Others offer help and safe alternatives on the front lines, the abortion mills themselves. Brave saints conduct undercover stings inside Planned Parenthood. Many remarkable testimonies expose the callous, unfeeling contempt for babies and mothers by those in the abortion industry. Doing the Church’s work often brings scorn, derision, or loss of friends. Misconceptions, misunderstandings sometime set Christians at odds over this issue. People flee from controversy lest it rouse their conscience and rob their comfort. Day after day, preborn and newborn babies who survive abortion still die savage, painful, unnecessary deaths. Only the Church can accelerate the end of abortion. Will the silent Christians take their stand when confronted with Stories From the Front Lines? What will be their response? Some German Christians sang their hymns a little louder to cover the cry of Jews in WW II railroad cars heading for the death camps. Jews or preborn babies—are they not the same in God’s eyes? Are American Christians outraged, ignorant, or comfortable? “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto me” Matthew 25:40, (KJV). Stories From the Front Lines is the history from abortion’s legal beginning in 1973. It records victories and setbacks by the Pro-Life Movement, uncommon bravery and innovation, and the Church’s response then and now. No other book on the subject approaches abortion on this level. It also looks ahead to what the Church should do as it answers the call with unparalleled commitment and urgency

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Adam: You Are Descended from Adam! What about Adam?
by R. C. Besteder

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As described in the Bible, Adam is the biological father of all humanity. In Adam, author Dr. R. C. Besteder studies the behavior of this first human being on earth, created by God as a perfect being. Besteder provides a comprehensive look into his life, the ways that his creation relates to modern society, and the messages his life communicates for humans today.

This study bridges a gap between nations and religions through Adam and shows how his existence touches every aspect of our lives. Through biblical references and Scripture, Besteder uses the life of Adam as a basis of education for topics relevant for contemporary living, such as racism, marriage, sexuality, faith, and capital punishment.

Besteder shows how our knowledge of Adam gives every individual dignity, significance, and purpose. It helps us to understand why each of us has tremendous potential, and it gives us hope, a desire to take care of our planet, and a reason to be at peace with all the people of our world.

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