Weekday Program Guide for ALIVE Radio Network

Weekday Programming


Weekend Programming
12:00am This Is The Day 12:00pm Turning Point
12:15am Messianic Perspectives 12:30pm Renewing Your Mind
12:30am Key Life 1:00pm New Life Live
12:45am Just Thinking 2:00pm Gospel Freedom LIVE (Mon)
1:00am Love Worth Finding 2:00pm The Chris McKay Show (Tues-Thurs)
1:30am Walk in the Word 2:00pm Special Program (Fri)
2:00am Gospel Freedom (Mon) 2:30pm Special Program (Tues-Fri)
2:00am Turning Point (Tues-Fri) 3:00pm Key Life
2:30am Renewing Your Mind (Tues-Fri) 3:15pm Sold Out For Jesus
3:00am Family Talk 3:30pm In Touch
3:30am Leading The Way 3:55pm Claiming New Territory (Mon)
4:00am Insight for Living 4:00pm Jay Sekulow LIVE
4:30am Victory Today 4:30pm Family Talk (Mon,Tue)
5:00am Focal Point 4:30pm Planning For Retirement and Eternity (Wed)
5:30am In Touch 4:30pm Family Talk (Thur, Fri)
6:00am This Is The Day 5:00pm Time for Truth
6:15am Messianic Perspectives 5:15pm Enjoying Everyday Life
6:30am Key Life 5:28pm The Miracle Worker
6:45am Enjoying Everyday Life 5:30pm Victory Today
7:00am Love Worth Finding 6:00pm Focus On The Family
7:25am God's Provision 6:30pm Renewing Your Mind
7:30am Walk in the Word 7:00pm In Touch
8:00am Leading The Way 7:30pm Bible Church of Christ
8:30am Truth For Life 8:00pm Adventures in Odyssey
9:00am Insight for Living 8:30pm Family Talk
9:30am Thru The Bible 9:00pm Victory Today
10:00am Focus On The Family 9:30pm Leading The Way
10:30am Grace to You 10:00pm Walk In The Word
11:00am Road to Reality 10:30pm In Touch
11:15am Victory Today 11:00pm Focal Point
11:45am Discover the Word 11:30pm Truth For Life

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