Weekend Program Guide for ALIVE Radio Network

Weekday Programming


Weekend Programming



12:00am Family Talk Weekend 12:00am Olive Branch Ministries: "Go Up to Grow Up"
12:30am Haven Today 1:00am Words To Live By
1:00am In Touch Weekend 1:30am In Touch Weekend
1:30am Focal Point Weekend 2:00am Focal Point Weekend
2:00am Daily Hope 2:30am Family Talk Weekend
2:30am Speaking Of Horses 3:00am Let My People Think
2:45am Issues 3:30am Glad Tidings Radio "Voice of Prophecy"
3:00am Words To Live By 4:00am Daily Hope
3:30am Just Thinking 4:30am Speaking Of Horses
3:45am Fresh Bread 4:45am Issues
4:00am Family Talk Weekend 5:00am Words To Live By
4:30am In Touch Weekend 5:30am Bible Study Hour
5:00am Planning For Retirement and Eternity 6:00am In Touch Weekend
5:30am Empowered 6:30am Focal Point Weekend
6:00am Insight for Living 7:00am Road to Reality
6:30am Let My People Think 7:30am Walk in the Word Weekend
7:00am The Chris McKay Show 8:00am Turning Point Weekend
7:30am Adventures In Odyssey 8:30am Insight for Living
8:00am Road to Reality 9:00am In His Presence (1st Sunday)
8:30am Issues 9:00am Weekend Magazine
8:45am Just Thinking 9:30am Daily Hope
9:00am Jesus is the Answer Int. 10:00am Family Talk Weekend
9:30am Bible Study Hour 10:00am Life in the Word (2nd and 4th Sunday)
10:00am Glad Tidings "Voice of Prophecy" 10:30am Empowered
10:30am A Word For Today 11:00am In Touch Weekend
11:00am Sunmark Radio Show (every other Sat) 11:30am Focal Point Weekend
11:00am Family Talk Weekend (every other Sat) 12:00pm Olive Branch Ministries: "Go Up to Grow Up"
11:30am Special Program 1:00pm Bible Study Hour
12:00pm Alive and Remain 1:30pm Special Program
12:30pm Special Program 2:00pm Family Talk Weekend
1:00pm Free For All 2:30pm Alive and Remain
1:30pm Planning For Retirement and Eternity 3:00pm Speaking Of Horses
2:00pm Empowered 3:00pm Present Truth Ministry (Last three Sundays)
2:30pm Walk in the Word Weekend 3:15pm Issues
3:00pm One New Man 3:30pm Weekend Magazine
3:15pm Fresh Bread 4:00pm In Touch Weekend
3:30pm Road To Reality 4:30pm Focal Point Weekend
4:00pm Understanding Messianic Theology
or In Touch Weekend

5:00pm Grace to You Weekend
4:30pm Focal Point Weekend 5:30pm Just Thinking
5:00pm Thirst For Truth LIVE 5:45pm Fresh Bread
6:00pm Renewing Your Mind Weekend 6:00pm Words to Live by
6:30pm Speaking Of Horses 6:30pm Let My People Think
6:45pm Issues 7:00pm World Toward Christ
7:00pm Family Talk Weekend 7:30pm Bible Church of Christ
7:30pm Bible Church of Christ 8:00pm Renewing Your Mind Weekend
8:00pm Daily Hope 8:30pm Speaking Of Horses
8:30pm In Touch Weekend 8:45pm Issues
9:00pm Focal Point Weekend 9:00pm Walk in the Word Weekend
9:30pm Grace to You Weekend 9:30pm Weekend Magazine
10:00pm Insight for Living 10:00pm Bible Study Hour
10:30pm God is Good (Tamil Language) 10:30pm Free for All
11:00pm Speaking Of Horses 11:00pm Family Talk Weekend
11:15pm Issues 11:30pm In Touch Weekend
11:30pm Let My People Think    

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