Why Advertise with ALIVE Radio Network?

Christ Centered Advertising Results!

ALIVE Radio Network seeks to develop long-term business relationships with family-friendly, trust-worthy and like-minded advertisers and sponsors. We work with business partners who understand our mission in terms of results for their business as well as our ministry. We're looking for the right business relationships ... one which easily assimilates you into our ALIVE Radio family of advertisers and sponsors.

Here at ALIVE Radio Network we are committed to providing positive, Biblical and professional on-air and online content through time-tested and quality programming provided by gifted Bible Teachers, Christian Speakers and Artists, Christian Evangelicial Apologetics, World Renowned Theologians and so much more!

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ALIVE Radio Network seeks to develop positive change in our culture by providing listeners and business partners with an opportunity to align themselves with the ONLY 5 FULL-POWERED Christian Simulcast Network in the entire Upstate NY market!

We at ALIVE Radio Network understand that we are held to a higher standard in all of our decsion making and day-to-day business operations. We understand and accept this charge to be broadcasting lights for the Kingdom of God - professional men and women who will stand up in such a time as this.

The Christian marketplace is huge and ever-growing ... help us make an impact on our local community and culture! Weather a listener, church, ministry, advertising partner or sponsorship underwriter, we thank you in advance for choosing to work with us in making a difference in our local communiy and your church or business. May God richly bless you and your family as you seek a Godly relationship with ALIVE Radio Network!

Capital Media Corporation has been in business since 1982 and has owned the five, full-powered radio stations beginning with WHAZ since 1987. Since the beginning, Capital Media has maintained a Christian, evangelical, theological format. Our flagship station, WHAZ, has been broadcasting since 1922. WHAZ is the second oldest station in the Northeast and has had it's Christian format continuously since 1967. We are a time tested and proven company! The five full-powered radio stations together broadcast the same format and are known as ALIVE Radio.


This means we have MAJOR POWER at all 5 tower sites with transmitters - NOT repeaters which are low powered signals requiring "line of sight" broadcast.

The benefits to you are that we provide a much stronger signal in a much bigger coverage area than other radio stations who use repeaters. There truly is a major difference in utilizing ALIVE Radio!

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